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Volunteer Services

Members may request and volunteers may provide the following services at no cost to the member
(other than the annual membership fee)



Details and Examples

Cell Phone Assistance (Android)


Cell Phone Assistance (iPhone)


Cell Phone Assistance (Other)


Check-in Phone Call

A friendly phone call to ensure everything’s OK

Computer Assistance (Chrome)


Computer Assistance (Mac)


Computer Assistance (Windows)


Friendly Visit

A brief visit to check in and chat


Planting flowers

Adding compost


Picking ripe vegetables


In-Home Assistance

Restocking/reorganizing a cabinet

Reorganizing a clothes closet

Removing slip and trip hazards

Helping the member “downsize”


Transport Library Book, Mail, Prescription, etc.

Transporting books to/from the library or mail to/from the PO (without the member), Pick up prescription (without the member), etc.

Medical Pal

Accompanying the member to the doctor or medical facility and taking notes for the member, if desired

Pet to the Vet

Accompanying the member and the pet to the vet and taking notes for the member, if desired

Replacing Light Bulbs and Batteries

Replacing hard to reach light bulbs

Replacing smoke detector batteries

Replacing remote control batteries

Ride to …

Providing transportation to/from appointments, grocery store, etc.

Shopping Pal

Assisting with shopping and errands--either with or without the member

Small Home Repairs

Doing simple repair tasks that do not require a high level of carpentry skills

Snow Shoveling


Trash and Recycling

Carrying trash and recycling to/from the curb

TV / VCR / DVD Set-Up


Window Washing


Yard Work

Raking leaves

Cleaning up branches



Volunteers may also help with MMV operation.  E.g.,



Details and Examples

Activity Planning and Support

Assist with MMV activities and events, from conception to clean-up.

Administrative Support

Clerical support, phone calls, data entry for MMV